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  1. My husband and I have decided to split. We have a house together but, we got it before we were married so it is under my previous name and it is in my family’s land. Where do I go to find out what to do about the house and can I change the locks if he has moved all his stuff out already?

  2. We have been married a little over 2 years and I want a divorce. I am the only working spouse because my husband decided to retire at 64, so he has no means of support except me. House is paid for but I know he included me on deed to have property taxes lowered, I am 66. Neither one can leave due to money, so how do you handle a separation/ divorce living together?

  3. How can a house be divided or the property be dissolved? I don’t want the house I just don’t want my credit score to go down. The property is in both of our names. Is there a website that can offer advice? Thanks

  4. I’m going to file for divorce. My husband says he will not sign the papers. However, we were only married less than a year and share nothing, no children, no investments. There is nothing to settle as far as that goes. He just won’t agree to the actual divorce. Is this uncontested or contested?

  5. I’m in the military a TX resident but I’m stationed somewhere else. My ex still lives in texas but no longer in same county (does that even matter). Is there a number or something she can fax the papers to. She continues to miss her appointments to talk to ppl at the court house ( I honestly don’t know the process).

  6. I am completing the Final Divorce Decree for Married with Children (Texas, Dallas County). I would like to modify the Visitation Schedule and Child Support payments. I would like to enter a custom Visitation Schedule. I would also like to enter a custom Child support where my ex will only pay 50% of our child’s expenses for things like school, car, gas, car insurance, etc. Can I add an Addendum to the Divorce Decree? Also, can you please share a reference with me on how to do this? Thank you!

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      Deviations from the standard possession order (found in the decree of most divorce forms) will require require extra proof at the prove up hearing. It is not impossible, but we recommend that you consult with an attorney so that it is done correctly.

  7. Separated 10 years with 1 kid. Husband takes care of son and does not receive any assistance from mother.

    Husband seeks divorce but she will only comply if he buys her new vehicle.

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      If both spouses agree to the divorce, it can be done quickly (and if uncontested, you can use divorce forms). Deals are made all the time so that the divorce will be an “uncontested divorce” or “agreed divorce”. If a divorce settlement is not in the cards, one spouse can proceed with a divorce without the consent or compliance of the other. Without compliance, the divorce may require a trial, which would be time consuming and expensive.

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      Claudia, thanks for the comment. We see this kind of negotiation all of the time. I can’t say if that is a good deal or not, but having an uncontested divorce can save quite of bit of money.

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  8. How long does it take to get a divorce and what if the other person does not want to sighn papers or anything?

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      It takes about 60 days. If your spouse won’t sign off you can try to get a divorce “by default” if your spouse does not file a response after receiving legal notice of the divorce proceeding. Companies like CompleteCase.com can help you get a divorce in this situation.

  9. Thank you. I read a lot info and it has really helped me. Divorce has been hard on us, but were going to be fine at the end.

    Thank you again.

    Adam M.

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